Update to the latest version!

  • Step 1: Take a backup of the current configuration.
  • Step 2: Install v15.5 and activate the license key (the one that you are currently using).
  • Step 3: If you want to migrate configuration data, follow the steps outlined in the manual. In short:
    • V11: download V12V12.5 and V14 then migrate to each version using backup and restore.
    • V12: download V12.5 and V14 then migrate to each version using backup and restore.
    • V12.5: download V14 then migrate to it using backup and restore.
    • V14: Make a backup and then use it during installation of v15.5
    • V15: Keep updating from the management console until you have reached v15.5 SP6
Sinds de komst van 3CX V15 kun je 3CX installaties koppelen aan 3CX reseller account. Klik hier

Kijk voor de meest gestelde vragen over 3CX op: https://www.3cx.nl/partners/faqs/